Business Model

The Company operates in a competitive environmrnt where work is secured through competitive means, as such Tema is structured to respond to client’s requirements by having a client centred approach to business and projects. Our business model therefore central in the development of strategy, growth of the business and ever evolving technologies in our sector

Quality policy & objectives

TEMA is aware and recognises the quality assurance ratings such as, ISO ratings, SABS standards specifications, etc. Tema’s policy is to procure and use only materials approved by the SABS thus our quality is guaranteed before the work begins.


Business Strategy

TEMA has developed a strategy to operate and retain Clients. The strategy includes the willingness and ability to work with bigger and more established firms if so required, thus enabling Tema to participate meaningful in projects of any magnitude. The size of the company allows for competitive pricing which benefits clients without compromising the quality of the services rendered. The core operating strategy

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