TEMA was founded in 2011 by the current managing member Mr Thabo Khanye, to offer solutions in the construction industry particularly to the civil and building sectors. In the short history of its existence TEMA has offered services to private clients and participated meaningfully as sub-contractor(s) to bigger established companies. The knowledge gained from the various projects has aided TEMA to establish a flexible construction management approach to projects. TEMA is a small enterprise with the necessary experience and resources to deliver projects of a small to medium size; however, this does not exclude complex and high level projects as the company has formulated working relations with Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Other larger construction firms.



TEMA is a Construction company offering Construction Project Management, Building and Civil Construction services to the Public and Private sectors.





Tema utilizes best known and tested theories accepted as industry norms, Our competitive advantage is the ability to deploy construction project management principles that are  adjusted to suit the involvement of smaller sub-contractors in our projects in line with the developmental initiatives of South Africa.





TEMA has developed a strategy to operate and retain Clients. The strategy includes the willingness and ability to work with bigger and more established firms if so required, thus enabling Tema to participate meaningful in projects of any magnitude. The size of the company allows for competitive pricing which benefits clients without compromising the quality of the services rendered. The core operating strategy





TEMA’s vision is to become a dependable, respected and adaptable company to suit the varied landscapes of projects according to the client(s) needs, our vision sets us up to be a preferred value adding company offering quality workmanship on each project every-time. Our company motto of “Projects delivered with pride” holds true to our vision



  • Innovation – We never cease to look for a better model
  • Creativity – We bring ideas and imagination to life
  • Excellence – We go a step further to deliver beyond expectations
  • Sustainability – We build sustainable relationships and offer sustainable solutions
  • Accountability – We commit, take responsibility and ownership